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Mentioning where registered

Hey are you supposed to put in your invite where your registered? Some I talk to say yes some I talk to say no? AHHH Confused!!

Re: Mentioning where registered

  • The first wedding I went to, I freaked out because I had no idea what to get them. So yeah, People don't always know to ask. I thought it would be obnoxious to call them when they were so busy. Later on i found out the the Grandmother forgot to add the registry slip into my Bridal Shower invite. So, we built a coffee table for them out of granite and plywood.I would never assume someone would want to go a wild goose chase for registry info. Post the info on your website and include the website with the invite. That way, you are always considering your guests' time and not just "proper etiquette" which is not anything to swear by if you ask me.
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