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Nuestro sabor en la cena - long

I just wanted to post this in case any other Latina Knottie (LKnottie? LOL) is going through the same. My biggest concern (at first) about the wedding was having a completely standard 'blah' wedding menu that I've eaten in every single other wedding I've attended in this country. At first I had the notion (and no one could talk me out of it) that we'd bring in yummy Spanish food from some tasty hole-in-the-wall joint, to a lavish banquet hall. After weighing the pros (deliciousness, uniqueness) and the cons (cost, cost, cost, cost, cost - what we save in catering fees, we'd more than pay for in 'non-in-house' catering fees, or even if we found our own event space with kitchen, no guarantees that they wouldn't run out of food, and did I mention cost?) I knew I didn't have that option anymore. So while looking around to banquet/reception halls and asking if they could at least incorporate SOME elements of our traditional foods into the menu, I noticed something. I would ask the chef's names. Invariably, 100% of them were Hispanic. Talk about excited! I was like, hey can you Mr. Caterer Manager ask your Senor Chef if he knows how to do this? And JACKPOT. We found a hall that was beautiful, large enough to hold our guests, centrally located, and conveniently close to home AND affordable... with a Hispanic chef who prepared some custom dishes for our tasting that were true Latin dishes. So while I may not get Sra. Lupita's Bangin' Arroz Con Pollo served on Wedgewood - I am getting Chef Andre's awesome Pernil served on Wedgewood along with the standard prime rib, which is delicious, too. Just another adventure in this Latina-Americana's wedding plans!! Thanks for reading. <3

Re: Nuestro sabor en la cena - long

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    VivaLaDiva, I know exactly what you mean! My vision was to find a place that would let us bring our own catering that way we could have afforadable mexican/nicaraguan food & food that was actually delicous and not some plain chicken, but unfortunately I soon found out this was not going to be possible, because of the cost of renting the place. You have now given me hope that maybe we can still get some good food by asking the chef if he can prepare custom dishes. Such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!
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    If my mother or I win the lotto, we'll open up a banquet hall that merges the American wedding regalia and fabulousness and the traditional Spanish elements that are totally our own. Wonder what we'd call it... LOL.
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    I totally know what you all mean. Its super expensive to incorporate our mexican roots into the menus. Everyone wants to charge and arm and a leg. I'm totally with you viva on opening a nice elegant hall that can provide the guest with some good mexican food.




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