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A View Fontenelle

I am going to look at this facility tomorrow and was wondering if anyone has been to a wedding there or has had their's there.  It looks gorgeous in the pictures but I am wondering about hidden fees and possible service glitches.  We are thinking a wedding and reception there next October.
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Re: A View Fontenelle

  • miozlibemiozlibe member
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    Our son and daughter-in-law had their wedding and reception at A View Fontenelle Hills in May.  We thought the service was fine.  We picked  Attitude on Food for the caterer and they were very good, too.  As for hidden fees, you must use their bar.  They have different packages of beverage service that you can buy, but you must spend a minimum of $1,000 on beverages.  The only other fees I remember are the fee for the reception, itself, another fee to have the wedding, an 18% service fee and a fee to have a security guard.
  • jasarahjasarah member
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    I've been to a reception there, but not a wedding.  It was absolutely beautiful.  :)
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    I am having my wedding there in October.  I wasn't told upfront that there would be an 18% charge added onto everything and then 7% sales tax added onto that.  Another thing to consider is plates/glasses etc.  A View doesn't provide those.  I chose to use Hyvee (one of their preferred vendors)  I have to rent plates and A View doesn't provide water goblets or silverware either so those must be rented unless you want to use plastic.  However, with that being said, Sherri has been very helpful and that place is gorgeous! I think in the end it will be worth the extra dollars spent!!
  • mikenjess113mikenjess113 member
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    Thanks for all your info ladies!  I am thinking Hyvee for a caterer because I would like them to do our flowers and that would just make it a little easier.  Do they let you do a tasting?  I am a little nervous about that food but the menu looks ok.
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    We also went with Hyvee for our food.  Jennifer at the Hyvee at Shadowlake has been a pleasure to work with.  She had some of their rotessierie turkey at the Fontenelle Extravaganza last Sunday and it was amazing!
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    Also note that they have recently gone w/ a preferred dj service and preferred cake people so you have to go through their people or pay a fee.  Sherri is great...but it's kind of a one stop shop w/ them.  We're getting married their next June. 
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    I was very disappointed with the level of service I received after speaking to Shari.  I had asked about bringing a different caterer in and would have been willing to pay  the fee to do that, but she was quite rude about it.    I'm not sure the owners know 1/2 of what goes on there. 
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    Oh i didn't know about the preferred DJ and preferred cake vendors now.  I agree- it is frustrating when it has to be a "one stop stop".  For some people that might be helpful but for me I wanted to examine my price points and options.  I'm glad i was able to choose mine for October!
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