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Chinese Reception Menu/Recipes?

Hey all! I'm having my reception at a hotel that does Asian Fusion food for our reception, but the chef says that he also wants to try to recreate some traditional dishes to serve family style at each table for us. We give him the dishes/recipes, and if we don't like how they taste, they've put a clause in our contract that will let us bring our own in! :) They've been AWESOME so far, and we want to give them a chance to do it right for us before we say, "no, we'll just bring out own traditional dishes in". That being said, does anyone have a list of traditional dishes that should/could be served family style at a Chinese wedding reception? I think duck was one, and maybe sharkfin soup? I don't what else is traditional. Also, if you have the recipes for these dishes or know where I can find good authentic recipes, I'd be eternally grateful! :) My grandma used to do all that stuff for us when she was alive, and she had them all in her head and did it all by taste (as does my mom)... so I'm having a hard time giving our ideas to the chef. Thank you SO much! :D

Re: Chinese Reception Menu/Recipes?

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    Alko726:  By any chance is your reception site in the Bay Area?  I just started planning for my wedding and my fiance would love to have a reception with an updated Chinese banquet or Asian fusion but with a few touches of the traditional dishes for the older relatives.
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    tjkv -- Sorry! Our wedding is actually in boring little Ohio. :P I'm sure if you ask around though, you can find someone that does Asian fusion. I'd think hotels could make custom menus for you. Asian Banquets with traditional food may be better (authentic/taste) served out of an actual Chinese restaurant though. GL! :D
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