Are plastic cups too tacky?

Ok so I was all gung ho about having a formal table setting and buffet style dinner.  Considering my fiance's aunt is cooking we needed dishes.  So I found chargers, used, to match the decor cheap- they're black. We're using nice paper napkins with a personalization on it.  We're using real silverware.  At the buffet will be the really nice plastic plates in white for the people to eat off of (less clean up).  Now I'm having a delimma on glasses.  Our families aren't really wine drinkers.  More beer, liqour, and tea.  I was all about real wine glasses but the cheapest I can find is $1 a glass--more than I want to spend. I would love to do the goblets but they're even more expensive.  My mom's trying to talk me into using plastic wine glasses, but I think that would look tacky.  What do you guys think?  Any suggestions?

Re: Are plastic cups too tacky?

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    It's not my favorite look but it certainly wouldn't ruin your wedding or the atmosphere you are trying to create. We ended up having a snafu with our venue and they served the wine and beer in plastic tumblers. However, the water glasses were glass. I was not thrilled about it but it didn't ruin my day and, otherwise, the tables looked like I wanted them to. If I could have had glass, yes, I would have much preferred it. Sorry, that's not much help, is it? If you do end up going plastic, I think some of the simple one-piece wine glasses look much nicer than the two-piece ones or some of the "fluted" "crystal-cut look" glasses on the market. But that may be a personal preference.
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    Have you checked the Christmas Tree Shop for glasses? I saw some in there a few weeks back that were pretty in expensive. You might have good luck there or the dollar tree has glasses too. I just ordered from their website dollar tree direct for glass vases and they ship them to the store near you for free. Good luck!
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    I'm renting real champagne glasses and real dishes for my wedding, but using plastic cups for beer and wine. The cups my aunt who is catering my wedding is getting for us are really high quality and they don't look plastic. The ones we're using for wine don't look like "wine glasses" and I'm really not that worried about it.
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    My sister used plastic and it was fine.  Again, not her preference, but it went with the informality of the day.  I'm was looking into the same thing and found that renting them would be pretty affordable.  You might want to also check on ebay.  I've found some great lots of stuff there (linens, etc) so you might get lucky!
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    They use plastic cups at the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  They will be fine for your wedding and guests won't focus on if the glasses are plastic or not. 
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    Have you already gotten your favors for the guests? If you haven't, what we're doing is getting personalized glasses (except our's are pint glasses) with our names and date with a maple leaf.  People can use them at the reception and take them home. AND- if you're doing this at home- NO glasses to clean! We got 228 of them for $395.00. I can give you the web address if you are interested at all.
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    Thanks for all the help!  I think I'm going to go Dollar Tree direct and get goblets so people can drink like tea, lemonade, or water.   Then plastic champagne glasses for the toast.  We're doing salt water taffy for our favors, but the glass idea is genius!
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