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feeling overwhelmed...flowers?

Just got engaged and getting married this Aug, 13th, 2011. We are planning the ceremony and the reception at the Embassy Suites in Tiffany Springs. I'm planning on a Black and White/Ivory Ceremony. With 2 or 3 in the bridal Pary, I'm planning on spending no more than $500 on my dress. We are planning on a wedding of about 150 people. We are using complete music for the DJ and the Photography. I'd like to keep everything under 10,000 total and with everything I don't know how to keep the floral costs down, but my flowers are going to be tulips and outside of spring they tend to be a bit higher. I was thinking silk flowers for everything, but the bouquets and boutiers. Does anyone have any ideas? These are the only "color" going to be at the wedding everything else will be decorated in black with white/ivory accents. My dress will be the only white/ivory thing in mass at the wedding except maybe the cake. HELP!

Re: feeling overwhelmed...flowers?

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    Hmm, I would keep an eye on the Hobby Lobby and Michaels ads and wait until flowers go on 50% for the silk flowers.  Plus, if they run out of something during a sale, you can order it in for the sale price!  At least with Michaels, not sure if HL does this. 

    Also, ladies on theknot love afloral.com and saveoncrafts.com, but I haven't used either one yet.  My wedding date is still pretty far off. :)  Congratulations to you! 
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    Def keep an eye on hobby lobby and JoAnns, I'm using real flowers just for the boutonnieres and corsages for the fam, for bouquets I made my own bouquets with fake flowers (you can see the pictures here: http://tobyandnikki.blogspot.com/2011/01/guess-what-moar-flowers.html) . For the centerpieces, I put moss and some fake flowers in ball jars, then ordered 30 stems of hydrangeas for $100 just supplement the ball jar center pieces. My flowers total about $300 altogether.

    I feel your pain about being overwhelmed. I have a budget of $6,000 for 80 people, so I've done most of the stuff myself (save the dates, invitations, flowers, decorations) to save on the budget
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    You can order flowers in bulk from Sams or Costco if you are willing to do them yourself...
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