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I hope you still lurk a litte and in time to see this. I would like to know how Action Multimediadid at your wedding

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    That's a good point - Kimmy, just because you're married doesn't mean we don't want to see you smiling face around here!  :-)  (...and that goes for all the married Des Moines Knotties!)
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    :) Hi yall, sorry I have been soooo super busy, I know I owe Vendor Reviews on all my Vendors, I just have alot going on right now!!  But, woohoo to being married 1 month today :)  Anyhow, here is my update for Action Multimedia.Karl is very friendly, he was great to work with the entire time of planning...He actually saved my playing music that got people on the floor and kept them there.  I didn't pay attention much, because we were too busy visiting with guests, but I do know that at least once they were dancing on the actual floor becuase there was no room on the dance floor.  Also, to me this is very important, my father in law has always danced a polka dance at every one of his kids weddings, and while I hoped his memory would fail him, I did not tell Karl about it.    So, the son's requested a polka song and Karl did research and found a polka song and purchased it and downloaded it on the spot, and we were able to do the polka dance, which made my husband and his dad's entire night.  Also, it was alot of fun for me even though I have never done it before.  I am waiting for the video to be able to give review's on that.  I will catch up on everything else as soon as I can.
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