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Monday QOTD

Did you do anything special for Memorial day today?
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Re: Monday QOTD

  • Well I have been working on the vows and ceremony
    Babysitting right now. 
    But other than that, nope.

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  • DH and I were going to go to Great Clips, but he didn't budge when I tried to wake him up at 2PM.  It's hard to do anything when he's working nights.  I did some reorganizing in the kitchen.  I got grumpy yesterday when I was digging around in the cabinets trying to find the chocolate chips.  Chocolate chips (and butterscotch chips!) are now in one of those tiered hanging basket things along with some mini marshmallows.  I'm thinking about making a s'mores like dessert this evening.
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  • Nope!
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  • Not really! Just came home from our weekend away in Charolette with my family.
  • Not really.  We do have a family tradition of going to the cemeteries sometime during the weekend of Memorial Day and cleaning the family headstones, trimming the grass, etc.  None of them are fallen warriors (though we do have several veterans who've passed) but it's just a good time for us to get out and do that.  We clean the headstones of my great-grandparents on my dad's side, some great-aunts and uncles, and a couple of cousins.  The one that always means the most to me is my great-grandma, who died about an hour before I was born.  I've always felt a connection with her, and I wore her engagement ring as my something old at our wedding.  The next day my grandma told me it was mine to keep.
  • I spent the day hauling cinderblock for DH and FIL to build our stemwall with. My arms are SORE today!

    We did have a BBQ dinner with BIL's family.
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