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Cake Vendor Gripe

So the country club that is having my reception has a "packaged" deal with two particular bakeries in the area. I did cake tastings at both. My FI absolutely does not want fondant. The first bakery would do anything I wanted, and even had already done a cake similar to the one that i'd like- four-tier, square, a celtic scroll aroudn the sides in gold. So good, and then I tasted their cake- some of it was pretty dry, so okay, I'd just pick their moister flavors... Then I went to my second tasting. The woman was extremely low-energy, and even arrived after I'd arrived- not too much later, i was in the midst of parking when she'd pulled up. They will do the four-tier, square, although she said that they would NOT do the scroll design unless she could find a mold to do it in fondant. Which i thought would be okay, because people can just knock the scroll off and eat the buttercream part. I WANT THE CELTIC SCROLL- i don't care if they eat it. I tasted their cake- and it was like heaven! WAY better than the first place- So moist! So the second place knocks the first place out of the water- I can't NOT go with the second place..... but she did not find the mold for the celtic scroll- and they WILL NOT do it by hand. So now, I'm completely apathetic, and I told my mother (our wedding planner)- you pick the cake design.... just suprise me. Wondering if anyone else has dealt with something like this, and how you handled the situation. On the one hand, I'm thinking that maybe I should just save a little $$ and go with whatever- b/c it will still taste good..... on the other hand, I'm like, 'I'm paying this person for their service, so I should get exactly what I'm asking- and willing to- pay for.

Re: Cake Vendor Gripe

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    Geez, Lady....little help here. Does this gal really even want your business? It would be nice if she would have given you some options as to what she COULD do in your theme. Sounds to me like she either does not have the piping skills to do your scroll, or is simply too busy to take the time to do it by hand. Again, some options would have helped. what would I do? Hmmmmm....don't think I'm much help here.
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    I'd be more inclined to work with the bakery that would work with me... Ask the first bakery what their favorite flavors are and pick the moister ones.  I'm all about customer service and would rather work with a place that makes me feel i made the right choice and that they actually wanted to work with me.
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    I agree with the PP, I would go for the baker who is more willing to work with you than the one who is apathetic to your wishes.  The Celtic scroll is NOT that difficult of a line pattern and if she had LOOKED for the mold for fondant she could have either found it or for that matter there are companies that sell the stuff to make them if she has an example piece..  The thing to consider with the first bakery too if the bakery had cut your slices earlier in the day and they had been sitting "bare" it's entirely possible even with plastic wrap that the edges would have been a bit dry.  Also, scratch cakes tend to be a drier consistency than mix cakes (NOT starting a scratch vs. mix debate here either), but it's something to consider.  I'd definitely go with the first place though, they're willing to work with you for YOUR cake, not a cookie cutter that the other bakery wants to give you... 
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    I agree with the other ladies and suggest going with the bakery that worked with you. I just ran into the same situation this past weekend with our tastings - we went to 3 places. The first is a bakery my family has gone to for years, but the wedding consultation section of it was no help whatsoever. The woman told me simple (flat) fondant flowers would be $500 extra for labor. They obviously don't specialize in custom orders and just want to mass produce cakes. The second place was so disorganized that I could just envision something going wrong on our wedding day - she didn't even have samples available for us to taste! The final place (where we found our cake) was WONDERFUL. They don't offer the flavor I'd prefer, but I'm going to ask anyway because they were so helpful that I believe they'd work with me on almost anything. In any aspect of your wedding, absolutely go with people who are happy to cooperate - you don't need any more stress.
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    I agree with the others. Most of my wedding vendor decisions have been based on customer service and personality. Go with the one that you feel most comfortable with. Chances are the cake had been cut earlier (as mentioned before) and just dried out some. See what moister flavors are available.It's you wedding and everyone that you're paying should be just as excited as you are. Don't reward anyone with your business if you feel they are not deserving of it!Good luck!
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    I agree with the others.  Years later when you look at pictures you will see the cake you want and barely remember if the cake was not the best tasting.  The finished product is probably better than the sample slices anyway.  Our cake is also included and that scares me a little. lol
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