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Having a dress made?

So, I'm curious if anyone had their dress made.  I found the dress I love, but it's seriously sooooo expensive.  I've seen a few places online that offer "inspired by" options custom-made for you, I wondered if anyone has used those - or if you used a local seamstress and if you have suggestions?  I may just chuck it and find a cheaper dress, but I'd love to make sure I have all my options explored!TIA!
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Re: Having a dress made?

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    My aunt actually made my dress.  She used to do it as a business but has since retired and only does it for her nieces :)  I love it, kinda crazy at first because it doesn't look like a dress, but she warned me of that.  The nice thing was that I could make changes that I wanted at any time.  i.e. I don't want the strap there, I want it here, can this be moved here, I like this way better.  I think it is worth it because I was able to get what I wanted, but it is not for the faint of heart, I was nervous in the beginning when it doesn't look like the dress I envisioned.  Good luck! 
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