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New Mexico

Is this tacky?

Ok, I have heard a million different things about whether putting registration information in the envelope with the wedding invitation is tacky. obviously I wouldn't put it on the invitation itself but I was going to put a card in one of the pockets with the invitation. I read all of the magazines and they all say it is super tacky but everyone I talk to here in Albuquerque say that they have never got a wedding invitation without that information in it. I don't know if it is just a regional thing or what. Any feedback is appreciated. P.S-How do you put those wedding trackers as your signatures on your post. I keep trying but it doesn't work!!!
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Re: Is this tacky?

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    To be honest. I dont think its Tacky at all! I say make really nice ones to match your invitation. Im doing it! I lived in Miami my whole life and I just recently moved here. I've seen done over there. Its not a big deal. The reason why I'm doing it is b/c all of my family is out of town and not everyone is coming to my bridal shower. I'm sending out cute little cards with the invitation that has my wedding registry website and url to our webpage. Also, I dont have a regular registry, its with disney honeymoon since we're going there and basically people just put money into our account to help with the honeymoon. I love it! So dont be afraid to do it. Just make it look nice. Its better to have people know what you want, then get you something they think you might like. LoL...Good luck!
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    I don't think it's tacky either. i have a LOT of older relatives, who probably don't even know how to use the internet to be able to find our registry. And, there are quite a few people that are being invited to the wedding, that aren't going to be invited to the bridal shower. I agree, as long as they match your invitations, there's nothing tacky about it. I'm pretty sure that EVERY wedding invitation I've ever gotten (being born & raised in TX) always had a card with the couple's name & where they were registered. So if it's what you want to do, do it, it shouldn't matter what other people think anyway, it's your wedding!
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