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FI and I really wanted to do something personal, and unique for our parents' gifts.  So we did photo letter art for them.  That is, we went around places that they know and love (their homes, the Des Moines area, Iowa City and Ames, in particular) and got pictures of things that look like letters.  Then we used those pictures to spell out each family's name, and got the names framed.  So, for a wedding-related example, here are a few of the pictures we used, spelling out Mrs.  M is from the zodiac in the ISU union, R is from a bench on the Pentacrest in Iowa City, and S is in my parents' labrador's fur:[IMG][/IMG]    [IMG][/IMG]     [IMG][/IMG]    

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    LOVE it! I was going to order something like that but it was $150 a pop. Nice work outta you!
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    That is so cool! I've seen these before but never as personal and creative as yours are! Nice work!
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    That is a really neat idea!
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    Can I hire you to take of these type of details?  10 days out and we just decided to write in our parents cards that they're getting photo books... so unoriginal.  Your parents are going to love it!
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    That is a very awesome and original idea! Very cute too.
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    Thanks, everyone!  :-)  I can't wait to give them to the parents!  csquared, I can hardly keep track of my own life right now (between work and wedding stuff) so I think you're on your own for the details...  :-P  Good luck, though!  And have fun! 
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    That is so awesome!  I've never seen anything like that, but I may have to steal your idea if I have time. 
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    if I have time.Ha!  That's the key.  With our limited time in Iowa, it was tough to get around and take all the pictures!  But even with printing the pictures and having a custom frame made, they were quite a bit cheaper (and more personal) than any photo letter art that you can buy.  I'm thrilled with them! 
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    Scarlet, what a wonderful and unique idea...your parents are going to be thrilled!!!  Great job!!!  Ever think of selling them for a living?  Just a thought...I am sure alot of brides would like to do something like that, but don't have the time or skills...
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