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How many cocktail tables?

Anyone have a clue how to figure out how many cocktail tables one would need? let's say for a 120 person event.

Re: How many cocktail tables?

  • Do you mean for the cocktail hour?  Or the whole reception?
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  • I was just contemplating this very question...
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  • Just for a cocktail hour.
  • I don't really know how we decided, but I think we had 10 tables that sat 10 people each at our cocktail hour.  So we had 120 guests and seating for 100.  A lot of people mingled around, some sat.  I'm not sure how you would decide if you're just using stand-up cocktail tables.  Do you have someone at your venue that you could ask?  I'm sure they have a way to figure it out or a typical way it's done.
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  • We had one cocktail table for every 10 guests. We used low cocktail tables so we could put 4 chairs at each table (we didn't use any high boys, I wanted maximum seating since it was a one-hour cocktail reception). We also had two lounge areas (with coffee and end tables tables at each area) plus two areas with king chairs that also had an end table between the two chairs.
  • Cocktail tables I believe are very small tables, big enough for drinks only, not room for food..hence "cocktail table". If I ever see any, they sit only 4 people. Some are high-tops for standing and some are low and are used with comfy lounge chairs. SO it really depends on your venue. Your average cocktail table doesn't fit 10 may want to check with your venue what they consider a "cocktail table" first. Side Note:Younger people like to stand and mingle, while older people like to sit and mingle.
  • We have 10 cocktail tables at our venue for 200 guests, if we are over that I think they add a table for every 20 guests or something? Theory being it is only a one hour cocktail hour so it is more a place for guests to set drinks and then those that can't stand to sit
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  • Thanks becs that was super helpful!
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