Has any been to the Italian Heritage Center for a wedding, and was the food good?

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    I have been there for a wedding. The food was ok I wouldn't say it was outstanding. But for the price it's good. To tell you the truth I spent 43 dollars a plate last month at Sunday River and the chicken was not good at all. It was at the tasting but sucked at the wedding, I was not happy.
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    It's very hard to cook for that many people and not overcook the meat... But, all that aside, I don't know if this helps, SaraandJamie, but I checked out the Italian Heritage Center (and my sister has eaten there) and decided against it. Their menu was not impressive for the price-- but my mom's family is all Italian, so we're used to homemade sauce, manicotti, lasagna, etc. We would never pay money for stuff we cook every Sunday from recipes handed down through our family for generations.That's just my "snobby Italian" take on that, though. :-)My sister's in-laws have been happy enough at weddings they've attended there...
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    I have not heard anything good about it, the decor is also not so great as well.
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    JamieMarie the same thing happened to me at Sunday River and I was pissed. The chicken at the tasting was yummy (boneless/skinless) and I loved it! I was talking about how good it is and at the reception it had skin and bone and sucked. For the price we paid it should have been exactly what we tasted. So I guess for others having tastings...maybe a good question would be...."Is this exactly how it will be served at my wedding?" Seems like a silly question but I guess it needs to be asked!
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    I went there for and aunt's birthday and the food was very yummy hm...guess it depends on who is cooking?
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