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I was just wondering where you ended up getting your hair done for your wedding...I am planning a wedding in Altoona also so I am looking for a rec. (If you liked where you went)

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    I went to Anani Salon & Spa, here in Ankeny, they actually did mine and all the girls.  I ended up liking my hair, however between having to have 2 trials (first one was up and I decided I wanted it down, so they made me have to come in pay for a second), and they were a little misleading on the makeup costing at the trial, I ended up spending $400.00, which did it include the tip.  But, I am not happy about that whatsoever...I apologize I have no recommendations...
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    Oh...that's completely fine! I was just thinking that if you liked where you went that would be awesome! Thanks for the advice though!
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