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Hi all,I'm planning on starting the wedding dress search in September in Utica or Syracuse.  Anyone have an suggestions?  I have found sites for NY Bride, Rebecca's Bridal Salon and Spy Baby but all seem to have mixed reviews.Also, I am living in New York City right now and have all the big salons (i.e. Kleinfelds and Macy's) at my disposal.  However, I thought upstate salons might be a little more relaxed (read - less pushy sales people) and not to mention cheaper prices.  Does anyone know if this is actually the case?Thanks so much for all your help!

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    I live in the Syracuse area and thought the big places like Davids and NY Bride were really overwhelming.  I found my dress at Keely's Bridal in Baldwinsville.  It's a small boutique with a good combination of unique and more traditional dresses.  The women there are really nice - not pushy at all - and the prices are very reasonable.  Good luck!
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    I got my dress at Davids bridal but if you go when its busy it can be a bot hectic. I would also highly recomend something old something new on erie blvd in syracuse...they have some beautiful dresses and the people that work there are very friendly...good luck!
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    If you are considering Utica, don't consider MeMe's on Genesee Street. Dresses are mushed in together, sales people are judgemental if you aren't a perfect size 8 and the selection was definitely limited.
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    I have been to NY Bride on a number of occasions and they are great.  They do not work on commission, so it's very low pressure.  They are honest with their opinion if you ask, but don't try to sway you at all.  I've never been to an NYC shop, but I have not heard great things (other than a big selection) about them.  Most of the shops can order any dress from the designers they carry, even if they don't have it in stock.Rebecca's was a different story for me, they seemed a little snobbish.  But my future sister in law is getting her dresses from them and is very happy.
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