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Let's talk tuxedos :)

I know on this board we often share our ideas about beauty and vintage details, but I'm really interested to see what everyone is looking at for the MEN to wear. I don't understand the subtle differences between tuxedos, but I know that I don't want FI to look like he is wearing a prom tux. *shudders* I also love gray tuxes, but I haven't talked to FI about it yet because I am coming up with a way to convince him. :)

Re: Let's talk tuxedos :)

  • I like gray tuxes too... My FI is in the AF and he's insisting on wearing his uniform.  I wouldn't mind it if he was never going to get to wear it again or something.  But, there will be plenty of occasions that he can wear his uniform, and not really many chances in life to wear a tux.
  • Since we're going for more of a retro 50's theme, FI is wearing either a tan suit or a grey sharkskin suit.....very ratpack. :D
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  • IMetYou- My FI is also Air Force. I actually wanted him to wear his uniform, but he had the argument that he wears it enough as it is. Aside from colors, is there anything you guys are looking for in a tux, specifically?
  • My FI is going to wear the standard black tux.  He wanted to wear a white one but my dress is ivory & gold so I told him he would look weird (plus my girls might end up in ivory dresses and that would be too much white!)  He now is on the idea of a pinstriped suit... I am trying really hard to talk him out of that oneI was at a wedding recently and the men were in chocolate brown tuxes... it was gorgeous!
  • Provided we can afford to rent one, FI is going to wear a three-piece navy suit by Aftersix called the Catalina.  Pic is in my bio under attire.  :)
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  • My boys are going to be rather casual, I guess they're representing the beachy side of things.  They'll wear khakis and blue shirts (FI will wear white).  I found really fun ties on etsy ( that you can order a variety of screen prints.  There is a nautical chart print that I love.  I'll also order a matching children's tie for our ringbearer.
  • Lannan--there's another etsy seller that does screen printed ties with other nautical scenes (anchors, octopi, etc).  I can't remember the name, but compare prices before you commit to one! I think you could buy either silk ties or microfiber ties.  :D
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  • Thanks! I'll have to do some price comparisons :o)
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