HELP! Have a vision, need a matching venue...

We're just at the basic stages, we haven't even really decided on a date yet (but we're thinking fall due to the colors)...

We have a vision of a ceremony near dusk, probably outside. We're open to really any part of Washington state. We would love a backdrop of trees, (hard to avoid in WA) but we also want kind of a flagstone patio with tons of light (string lights, lanterns, etc) for a night time reception. And something I've always wanted (if it's an offsite location just for photos, that's fine too) is a giant wrought iron gate by a stone wall, preferably with some greenery (ivy, bushes, more trees, I don't care!) nearby. 

It's something I've always envisioned, and he loves the idea, but I need help on finding said location!

(PS, if it helps, we're thinking of a wedding no more than 125, tops. Probably closer to 80 or so.)

Re: HELP! Have a vision, need a matching venue...

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