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Second Dress

I was wondering if anyone was going to wear a second dress or reception dress. I was considering the idea of a second dress due to the fact that each time (twice) i have been to the dress fittings, I am soaking wet after like 20-30 mins in my dress. I get sooo miserable when i am hot and I am afraid I will not enjoy myself at my reception if i am stuck in a hot dress all night.

Re: Second Dress

  • I kept my dress on all night, but I also picked a dress that was appropriate for an outdoor, summer wedding.
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  • I kept my dress on all night, and I did not buy an outdoor wedding appropriate dress. It was over 100 degrees at my outdoor wedding, but when you are walking down the aisle, the last thing you are thinking about is the heat. Is your reception inside/air conditioned? The ceremony doesn't last that long and then you will be inside. Trust me, you will not be miserable the day of your wedding.
  • I was convinced that I would not need a second dress, and that I loved my dress so much there was no way I would want to take it off. A couple of hours into the reception I was just about willing to trade dresses with a guest just so I could get the h3ll out of it! I wasn't so much hot as just really uncomfortable. My advice to everyone is: bring a party dress that you have the option of changing into. It doesn't mean you have to, but you could save yourself some misery if you do end up being too hot or uncomfortable on the big day.
  • After much persuasion from friends, I think I'm going to buy something simple in case I am really uncomfortable. I really would prefer to wear my dress the whole time, being that I spent so much money on it and will never get to wear it again, but I figure it can't hurt to have something on hand. I am getting married outdoors so heat is a worry.
  • You should make sure your venue is air conditioned and maybe have a few fans/misters if possible outside.  If you really don't think you'll be comfortable in your dress all night then a second dress is up to you.  If could be just your nerves making your blood pressure rise causing you to have a hot flash.
  • One dress for me.  2 arent in the budget.  I think its a waste to spend so much on dresses that you are only going to wear once, so I am def a one dress bride.
  • Well you know your body better than us. I am going to wear my dress for both the W&R.If you are concerned about getting to hot and being uncomfortable then find some an inexpensive light fabric dressy party dress that you can move in comfortably.
  • I got a second dress. I love my first gown but its heavy and I know that I'll want to rip it off after being in it for so long so I got another dress in a lighter more breathable fabric. I had it custom made. I made sure I didn't look like I was downgrading. I didn't want to get changed and then blend in with the guests. It's still gorgeous and stands out but it doesn't weigh 100 lbs and I can dance in it. Its knee length in the front and almost to the floor in the back.  
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