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Has anyone had their wedding and/or reception at the Artwork Network Gallery in downtown Denver?  If so, can you share a ballpark of what it cost you (site fee and catering/alcohol)?  Any feedback about the venue itself, the staff, etc?  I am looking at this space for about 60 people in the May/June timeframe.

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     I know this venue and love it to death. My fiance is a huge art person, drawsa, sketches, and is going back to school for art, so we have been actually looking at this venue as a wedding site or a rehearsal party night. The venue costs about $250 an hour, you have to use their preferred caterer and I think thats about 2500-3500 (depending, I didnt get a quote for that yet) and alchohol (I believe) can be purchased via caterer. So it probably is about $5000.00 for the venue as a ceremony and reception site, caterer, and liquor. Now I only got the quote on the venue which is 250 an hour.
    Erika Swift Soon to be Mrs. Cowgill
  • Thanks Erika!  We have chosen this venue now and are really excited.  The people have been great to work with so far and the space there is so pretty and open.  Your price quotes were right on and they can even add more space if needed with their moving walls. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this venue to anyone if you love art and a different kind of feel.  We're getting married in May 2013 and I can't wait!
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