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Goodbye for now....

I don't think I'll be on much before the wedding day, so I just wanted to say thanks for all your help during my planning, Iowa Knotties!  You're awesome. :-)  This week is going to be busy - I'm driving to D.C. for a conference today, flying to Iowa tomorrow, getting married on Saturday, driving back to Ohio next Monday, and we fly out to Seattle then drive up to B.C. next Tuesday for the honeymoon.  In all, I'll be in 10 different states, provinces, and districts in the next 9 days.  Whew!  How is this week shaping up for everyone else? 

Re: Goodbye for now....

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    Congratulations!! I hope that all the travel is fun and safe! Most of all I hope your wedding day is all that you want and more. Have a great day!
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    Congrats ScarletGem, you know you were on my list for the end of the week :) but I figure I better get it on here now...It has been fun listening and watching you plan all these months...You wedding will be FANTASTIC and can't wait to see all the pics...and have a super fun time on your honeymoon...
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    Yay!  The weekend is here!  It's supposed to be nice for you, me, and Estrella!  The forecast says sunny and 77!  Couldn't be more of a perfect day.  Can't wait to hear the details.  Good luck!
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    Ha!  You and Estrella were the other 2 on my list...All of yall's weddings will be beautiful...and congrats!!  Just enjoy your day...your entire day because it comes and goes just like that.  Can't wait to see pics of all 3 weddings this weekend...Hopefully, we aren't missing anyone!!!
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