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Gift card instead of gift registry

Hi!  We are getting married in August and are thinking about where to register for gifts.  Because we are moving out of state after the wedding, I was wondering if you all think it's acceptable to ask for gift cards instead of gifts?  I'm not sure on the etiquette of this, and I was thinking that it might be easier since we are moving 9 hours away and that way when we get to our new home we can just purchase the things we need with our gift cards. 
Thanks : )

Re: Gift card instead of gift registry

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    Nope, you should never ask for a specific gift from your guests, a registry is a guide and not a mandate, and to register for gift cards is like asking for money.

    Gift registries also give the option of having your gifts shipped to another location- many of our guests opted to do this.

    I moved a thousand miles the day after my wedding and most of the people who came knew that I was headed East, so many of my guests opted to buy gift cards or give money.  However, I had a normal registry and recieved gifts at my showers and at the wedding.  I shipped the gifts I received before and packed the ones we received at the wedding and took them with us.
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    It really isn't appropriate to ask for any gift...but in reality that is what a registry is too so I don't know why people act like it is so horrible when they have a registry at the same time.  I would say that if you are hoping for cash or gift cards, just don't register or don't register for as many items and maybe people will do cash instead.  And, tell those closest to you what works best for you....YOU aren't supposed to say anything, but your mom, FMIL, siblings can.

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