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NWR- cyber Monday

Did you guys find any good deals online today? I thought there were some ok ones but mostly I was underwhelmed.

I think I need to get some gift ideas for my family before I can finish up my (95% online) xmas shopping!

Re: NWR- cyber Monday

  • tpender13tpender13 member
    edited December 2011
    Eff Cyber Monday!

    Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Seriously though, I work in a customer service call center for a MN-based retailer, (the blue and yellow one, not the red one) and today sucked worse than Black Friday. I was stuck on this crazy issue for two hours after I was supposed to be done. It was totally like when you're stuck in traffic on the freeway, but you don't bother getting off because you figure that it will clear up after you pass the next exit. Only it never clears up... it sucked!!!

    Forgive me for being lame and not wanting to mention the name of the company in the same post in which I'm bitching about my job. They've got a crazy-good social media team that's found all sorts of stuff about people talking about the company all over the interwebs...

    Forgive me also for thread-jacking w/a debbie downer post. I'll stop now. Embarassed
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    I just "bought" 250 business cards (uploaded my own design) that will be used as our favor tags, 100 postcards that will be used with our invites, and a personalized photo desk calendar (xmas gift for sister) all free from Vistaprint! Paid $8 for shipping...that is all the cybershopping I'm doing (did enough in-person shopping this weekend) I am seriously in love/addicted to VP :)
  • debbieupperdebbieupper member
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    edited December 2011
    I got that VP email, too -- and I don't really have a need for any of the stuff since the wedding is over, but hello! It's practically free!
    Married and lovin' it!
    Our Wedding! (click.)
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    In Response to Re: NWR- cyber Monday:
    [QUOTE]I got that VP email, too -- and I don't really have a need for any of the stuff since the wedding is over, but hello! It's practically free!
    Posted by debbieupper[/QUOTE]

    It's fricken awesome. I was going to go and buy labels to print my pic/design on, so pretty happy I waited. I'll just stick some sticky dots or ribbon on those bad boys and done!  I love cheap and easy :) lol

    Here's the pic I used and on the side it says:
    Thanks for sharing this special day
    with my mom and dad!
  • lboerner88lboerner88 member
    edited December 2011
    I got my RSVP postcards on Vistaprint today! Super cheap :) 
  • edited December 2011
    yep the vistaprint email was good- I started designing a calendar and was thinking about a small tote and then I gave up.  oops.

    If I had more money (darn wedding!! darn doctor bills! Darn dentist bills! Darn garage door! etc) I would just buy stuff for myself.

    Don't worry about being a downer- I would b*tch too if that happened to me.

    Sorry that it sucked for you!
  • edited December 2011
    I got some nice toys at Kohls for my nephew. 3 toys for $45 and free shipping all of which were at least $5 off. Nothing huge but got him done! Its hard to find toys since he is only 6 mos.

    I got the VP email and I'm thinking of using the business cards for tags on my Favors. I already designed the Yard Sign for our Guest Book Sign but hoping to ship them together to save costs. I think that's what I'll do today :)
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    I got my mom a eReader on sale. It was $30 off so I was happy about that. I think she will be really happy with it. I love mine!! We also scored some new speakers for our home theater equipment, they were $100 off plus a $50 gift card. Didn't really look into much more. I am out of ideas now so I need to think for the next round of gifts.
  • edited December 2011
    I didn't get anything, since I went overboard at the stores on Saturday.  I went into West Elm just to look around and left an hour later with 2 full huge bags.  They're having a sale on their laquer trays, which I've been eyeing up for months, and I got some of their hammered silver serving items to fancy up my craft fair tables this week.  To justify it, I did get a "Bah-Hum-Bug" garland and a gift for someone.  Then I went and bought a bunch of clothes, magazines along with a book at Borders for half off (gift for FI), and used up my Joann and Michael's coupons on jewelry materials (40% off at Joann) and half off a box of 100 bubble tubes at Michael's for the wedding.  They're nice and plain, no hearts or knots or anything on them, just like I like.  I stopped for lattes at every place along the way that had them, so I was all amped up with money to burn.  Probably not the best decision. Tongue out
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