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Hi ladies,I want your opinion on this. My fiancee gave me a beautiful set of pearls for Christmas and I want to wear them for my wedding. People say it's bad luck but I can't find anything I like to wear that day, not really into the fake stuff and can't really afford any real diamonds. Please help!Let me know what you thinkThank you

Re: Pearls?

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    I never knew it was bad luck to wear pearls.  I see lots of brides with pearls on their neck... For me, I always say the heck with superstition.  What's gonna happen will happen regardless of pearls or no.  Wear them.  Your Fiancee gave them to you and he will be very happy to see that you cared enough about the to wear them on this special day.   
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    Gracias Haydee :) I think I will wear them. They look very classy. Thanks again!
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    I know that superstition, I think is mostly latin, but here in the US I have seen a lot of brides that have worn pearls and that have had good marriages.  My Sils for example, wore pearls on their weddings, and they are happily married.
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    I think you should wear them, like they said if something is going to happen it will happen regardles. You should wear them!!GL!
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    I say wear what you want!! :)
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    Totally agree! Esp if FI gave them to you, that's so sweet! FI bought me some rhinestone hair pins on our first vacation together to Cali, and I'm wearing them in my hair on the wedding day. :-)
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