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Today was my first dress shopping experience - and boy was I surprised - first by how much energy it takes just to try on dresses all day lol And just how tightly those girls can cinch up those corsets lol There were a few times I thought if I took a deep breath I'd burst the dress :) I was also surprised by what I liked. I never really thought of a sweetheart neckline but with my bust size it looks really good. And I feel in love with a goldish/champagne'ish color for a wedding dress which I had never even considered before. I'm trying to decide between two dresses and to see if I can find a third dress that maybe combines what I love about the other two into one :) And i learned I have cheap style - all the dresses I like were way low on our price range so that mad me happy :)

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    Totally agree. Things that I liked on the hanger I hated on me, and things that were on the hanger that I crinkled my nose at I ended up really liking. Thats why they say to try on LOTS of dresses. Oh and, yes lots of work trying those dresses on... I was sweating most of the time! ha! :)
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    Sounds like you had alot of fun!!  This was one of my favorite parts of planning...Good luck finding the right one!!
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