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Friend engaged

So my DHs college roomate has just gotten engaged. He is Muslim and DH is his best friend. He has been asked to be best man for one of the two wedding (western wedding) So the talk is of 2  weddings one here one in pakistan ect. I'm going to admit my ignorance here what is different. What should we be looking at occuring what is the timeline. It is an arranged meeting marriage. Shoudl I do something to welcome her to the group? are showers common? what else should i be asking ?

Re: Friend engaged

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    I think the traditions surrounding a wedding vary pretty widely region by region.  My guess is that for a Pakistani wedding there might be an official engagement party (though fewer people do this nowadays) and then a mehendi a few nights before the wedding.  The thing with South Asian weddings is that these events, like the wedding itself, are very much family-oriented.  There often isn't a huge role for friends, though Desis will often add the American tradition of having bridesmaids and groomsmen.That said, I think you should absolutely do a bridal shower for her if you're up to it.  Just because they don't have them in her tradition doesn't mean she wouldn't really appreciate it.  I bet she'd love the opportunity to meet younger women and make some friends given that she won't have a social network here.
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    DEFINITELY plan a shower for her!  My fiance is Pakistani, but born here and I really wish I had something like a shower with his family.  Muslim wedding vary so much by region as well as Pakistani wedding so you'll have to ask on the specific traditions they will be using.
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