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Lobster Pops? Welcome Bag Advice?

Did anyone get lobster pops?  I want to put them in welcome bags.. but they seem to be quite expensive on the candy sites I am finding online!Any other Cape things that you put in welcome bags that you would suggest?

Re: Lobster Pops? Welcome Bag Advice?

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    Hi there. I recently did our OOT bags. The lobster pops can be found at Christmas Tree Shops right now for 3 for $2. We included: salt water taffy, Cape Cod Potato Chips, Boston Red Sox Pex dispensers, local magazines, and a thank you note with ideas for dining, activities, and wedding directions. Hope this helps!
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    sorry.... Pez dispensers!
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    I saw them there- were you able to get the price tags off? Also- where did you get the Cape Cod Chips?
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    Well, we bought this stuff that removes stickers easily... Goo Gone, I think it is called. The CC Potato Chips I ordered directly from the factory. They have an option of ordering a case of about 42 of the small bags for about $30, I believe it was. We got the variety pack.
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    Hi there!I just bought 2 boxes of cape cod chips at Cosco's- I believe the box was $7.00/box of 24 bags.  I believe it came out to $0.29/per bag which was cheaper than ordering thru the outlet.  I am also doing salt water taffy, maps of the area and some other small candies.
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    What Costco did you find them at?  I have been looking at a few of them but no luck yet!  What flavor did you get?  THANK YOU!
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    I got the reduced fat chips (all plain flavor)- they had a TON at the Costco's in Everett.  I went there probably 2-3 weeks ago...they were over by the bread aisle!Good luck!
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    I bought my lobster lollipops at the Candy Manor in Chatham.  I also got chocolate covered cranberries and chocolate sea shells there (I made my own little baggies).  I also put in CC chips (from BJ's in Hyannis), bottled water, gold fish, CC post cards, monogrammed tissue packets (from XMass Tree Shop), a welcome note with weekend itinerary, maps from the Chamber of Commerce and pink whale stickers.
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    we are putting 2 mini poland spring bottles, a bag of cape cod chips, and 2 big huge cookies... just alittle something Oh and a map too for each bag with a welcome note I tried to do the candy but it was much more $$ than i wanted, and plus we're doing lolipops for our table cards/favors....
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