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Hold still so I can SLAP YOU silly!!!!!

WTH Man!!!!!!! I talked to the venue today and the lady tells me that they will only give me linens for the cake and food table! Now this is NOT what she TOLD me in January when we went over this. She told me the linens are included for all the tables but they are white (my colors are black & silver). We even joked about just making it work and now you want to charge me $6 per table to put those ugly white linens on the table and it won't even match!!!???!!!!!HOLD STILL SO I CAN SLAP YOU SILLY!!!!!!Who else needs to slap someone silly?I'm down to 3 weeks and 3 days! Come on!

Re: Hold still so I can SLAP YOU silly!!!!!

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    slap myself! I wish I would have stuck with my original plans and had my wedding in jamaica!
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    I have a whole list that I can slap silly... but I won't go there... I would love to go bridezilla on a few folks But we both have 3 weeks and 3 days... just try to maintain! :)  
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    Girl you a fool! Where is the contract? The info should be in there right....FIND IT so you can slap her with it...
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    lol @ slap you silly. As pp'r said find the contract with that clause in there so you can slap her with that. My colors are black, white with silver as the accent. I am like you I did not want white table linen at all. So I feel your frustration. Just find the contract and go thru it with a fine tooth comb. You have 3 weeks to go no need to be stressed about linen. HTH and GL
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    I want to slap my FI silly...and I just told him that...and he goes "what did I do" and I told him "nothing" and that's the problem, he's not doing a damn thing as far as the wedding planning is concerned.  I need help and he's just complaining about how much everything cost.
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    I could just line up bout 39 emnin - effin people and just take off running with the slaps! Starting with Fi . . . I am so over all of this already -  I wish I had just taken this money and invested in something else. . . now - that's being real! I am just going to pray my way through the rest of this and I will pray for all of you too!
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    Check that contract thoroughly and if you have to, negotiate, threaten bad review, etc. In this economy, the businesses need all the consumerism they can get. My colors are red, black and silver and I did not want to use white linens and frankly I'm cheap. I decided to use round plastic tablecloths (has that shimmer that we are trying to attain for our theme) and it's only going to cost $35 for 20 tables. Think positively and alternatively! You CAN get what you want!
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