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Siggy Challenge, anyone?

It's been forever since we've had a siggy challenge so it seems like a good time to start one. For those who don't know about siggy challenges: It's usually an aspect of your wedding such as your e-ring, centerpieces or maybe your dress. You add a pic to your signature and we (can) vote to see who has the best one. It's just a fun way to share little details of your wedding. Anyone have a good idea for a challenge? Since I have a pic of my dress in my siggy I was thinking we could start with "Your Dress".
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Re: Siggy Challenge, anyone?

  • clseale13clseale13 member
    edited December 2011
    I'll do one...but my vote is for fav e-pic since I just uploaded one! lol Oooh...or it could be favorite "family" pic where we can include our critters. My current sig pic would work for that too. I don't have a pic of me in my dress yet. :(
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