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Any suggestions for a back up location for my wedding ceremony?  We're having the ceremony next July at 6 pm in the rose garden in dsm but when I called my church today to schedule the back up she informed me that 6 wouldn't work because they have worship saturday evenings apparently and the latest I could have my ceremony was at 7..but my reception starts at 7...I can't move my ceremony to a diff time because if I doesn't rain I don't want to have the ceremony at 3 pm in the middle of July, and I can't very well put on the invites "If no rain ceremony at 6. If rain ceremony at 3"I'm trying to find either a church that is nondenominational so I don't pay through the nose for not being a member and can also hold about 250 people or it doesn't have to be a church either..I just would like it to look nice.  We looked at scottish rite (where our reception is) for our back up and the area we would have it was not what I had in mind...So if anyone has any ideas please let me know I would really appreciate it!!

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    Hi!Yikes it sounds like you guys are in a crunch. I would suggest finding a shelter house and doing everything out there. If it rains, you still have a roof over your heads. Renting the shelter would be cheap. You can direct more money, consequently, toward decorations to spruce the place up!Good Luck
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    can you change the start time of your reception to earlier or later? Seems like you should be able to with almost a year to go. Can you schedule the church for an earlier ceremony?
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