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Okay, I now we've covered this before but please help me out.Who do you tip? What's the typical percentage (to go up or down depending on quality of service)?I've got:A jazz vocalist for 2hrsA DJ for 6hoursA cupcake lady making and delivering cupcakesA photobooth (which includes an attendant)A photographer for 6hrsA bartender (family friend getting paid) and her two granddaughters doing food service (tapas buffet, no actual serving...also being paid)THANK YOU!

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    I'm not tipping anyone... with all the money we're getting charged for their services I feel like their "tip" is built in.  If you're not paying for someone or they're under market rate for their quality then go ahead and throw in a bit but I don't believe these people expect tips... the wedding industry takes their rates up as it is and that just covers their "extra" effort.  Just my opinion...
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    The only person/vendor from the list I would tip would be the bartendar/food service. However; in our case they are already charing an 18% grat on our bill and I am not tipping additional. We are having a buffet, so other than clearing tables... not much serving going on. I might if we were having a full meal, and they were cocktailing all of our drinks, but they are not. In addition to your list,  I would tip any hair and make-up, transportation driver (if this isn't already included in the payment you made-most are), and the ceremony officiant. Most likely the officiant will give your tip right back to the church, but I guess that is a good thing, so I would tip.
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    i have always heard that you tip someone who provides a service but not someone who is providing a product. also, you don't tip someone if they are the owner of the company regardless of if they are providing a service or product. i would tip the vocalist, dj, photobooth attendant for sure...then possibly the people doing bartending/serving as a nice gesture.
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    kellidanae - Thank you tip for the practice hair/makeup too? We're not doing transportation (ceremony and reception in same place). My future sister is marrying us..her gift to tipping needed. -->  Tipping--> nataloo314 - the vocalist is she's her own boss, do I tip her anyway? The DJ is the owner of his company and the Photobooth guy is also Owner, but may not be the guy attending the booth that night.
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    I will tip for the practice hair. My make-up is actually a trial with my Mary Kay lady, I am putting my own on, but paying her for the product. I won't tip for this. I just wanted her suggestions, etc on color and trust her.
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    I've looked around the web and it seems that most people would say tip for transportation, hair/makeup, and the bartender. Everyone else is already getting a lot of dinero! If you do feel that someone goes above and beyond what you expect, feel free to slip them a little more money. Don't stress about long as everyone is paid on time, there's nothing to worry about.
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