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When to bring up hosting the shower?

I was just asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding.  The wedding date hasn't been set yet, but they have narrowed down potential dates and they're all around the same time (end of summer of next year).  Her MOH is her sister who's still in high school and won't be hosting the shower.  She doesn't have any other close female family, so I thought I would offer to throw her shower.  When should I discuss this with her?  Wait till they set the date and go from there? Should I include the other bridesmaids in the planning?  I don't want to "volunteer" the other girls, but want them to be a part of the shower if they want to be.
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Re: When to bring up hosting the shower?

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    That's so nice of you!

    I'd tell the bride whenever you'd like that when they finalize a wedding date, that you'd love to throw them a shower! 

    I'd then get in touch with the other bridesmaids and ask if they'd like to help host and how much they might be able to contribute.  Tell them no pressure if they can't afford anything.

    I'd also ask the bride if there was anyone who might want to be included in planning, like a mom or an aunt.

    Good luck!
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    Ditto PP. I think its really sweet of you to want to host this for your friend. I would go ahead and mention it to her and then ask the WP if they would like to  help you as well. Good luck!
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    Aw, you're so sweet for doing this for your friend. Joy2611 gave some good advice - you could bring it up anytime. If it were me, I would maybe wait until they had at least set a date. I remember when we first got engaged, the very next day people were already asking about a date. It can be an overwhelming time. Once they've made their plans, you can bring it up to her.
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