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Newly engaged living in NYC planning for a country PA wedding

Hello All - I am going crazing looking for a great country/rustic wedding venue in the PA area.  I want to have a casual BBQ cook-out wedding at a B&B venue, approx. 100 guests.  Here is the caveat:  I have a seen a few B&B and they are little 'out-dated'.  I plan to have 90% of my wedding stay over and need to a larger venue.  The Glasbern Inn looks great online but does anyone know any local intel?  I am open to ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS.  The Glasbern is the closest I have come to finding something I like.  Thanks for any and all help,Laurie

Re: Newly engaged living in NYC planning for a country PA wedding

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    I think you'll have a hard time finding a B&B to accomodate that many people.  B&B's tend to only have 6-10 rooms in this area. We looked at local wineries as potential venues.  They are rustic, country and beautiful.  My favorite was Cherry Valley Vinyards, but we decided to get married in NJ instead. Their website is www.cherryvalleyvineyards.com Good luck!
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    I can't help with any reviews of The Glasbern Inn, I just wanted to NOT recommend The French Manor in case that was anywhere on your radar. They were horrible with planning from out of state.

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    Glassbern Inn is beautiful & upscale, also you may want to look into Stroudsmoor Country Inn, even nicer still - a perfect place!! And absolutely GORGEOUS!
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    I don't think I know of any BB's that have accomodations for 100 guests. Most have around 10 - 20 rooms max.I have been to The Settler's Inn a few years ago. Very nice.http://www.thesettlersinn.com/about.htmThe Bischwind Inc. BB in Bear Creek (Wilkes Barre) is also very nice. There are area hotels very close by so guests would have the option of staying there and not onsite, if that helps?http://www.virtualcities.com/ons/pa/p/pap66011.htmI have never been to Stone Bridge Inn personally, but have heard good things.http://www.stone-bridge-inn.com/introframset.html
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    Hi - We are getting married at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn - they have 5 venues and try to keep a B+B feel, they can accomodate up to 250 at their biggest venue I think. Our venue has a modern/ski lodge feel and we are using rustic decor. Some of the others, like Woodsgate, has a really rustic cozy feel, while still able to accomodate up to 125. We live in Virginia and planning long distance has been no problem, they have enough lodging for our out of town guests, plus the catering, florist, etc. are on site. I don't know about a BBQ style dinner though, we are doing a sit-down formal dinner.HTH!
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    What about Sayre Mansion in Bethlehem, PA? They do outdoor events in a tent with catering and have a good number of guest rooms. http://www.sayremansion.com/
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    Have you looked into the Colonnade in Scranton? They just opened suites, but I dont know how many people they can accommodate. It's not a B&B, but you can hold your reception there and guests can stay in the suites or at least within walking distance. The Hilton and the Radisson are all within a block or two away.The Radisson Lackawanna Station hotel just did an amazing renovation to their rooms. It's, IMO, the nicest hotel in this area. Heres the website for the Colonnade:[url]<a href="http://www.thecolonnade401.com/joomla/" rel='nofollow'>http://www.thecolonnade401.com/joomla/</a>[/url]
  • starzoarstarzoar member
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    Have you looked at Bear Creek Mountain?  http://bcmountainresort.com/summer/weddingsandbanquets.aspxIt's a ski resort but it is very rustic.  Check out the pictures on their site.  They have many rooms but they are rustic looking as well..they don't look like hotel rooms...fireplaces and all.  good luck.
  • sarahrosettesarahrosette member
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    I stayed at the Glasbern I really liked it!
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