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casablanca 1949

so, i unexpectedly bought my wedding gown last night! and since it was unexpectedly, i didn't have my camera in my purse! booo!i tried searching for pictures on the internet, but i can only find the model wearing the dress on the designer's website.are there any brides out there wearing (or have worn) casablanca 1949 and are willing to share some pictures!?i'm going to have to go back to the shop and "visit" the dres...

Re: casablanca 1949

  • Well...The dress didn't come. The shop did not tell me that there is time added because I got the hallow to hem measurement and hemmed the dress. It won't ship til 8/7 and I won't have it til the next weekend. They are given a ship date when they order the dress so you may want to find out your date if you can.
  • kelly...did your dress come in?? do you have any pics to share?
  • Well, it should come in any day. It didn't ship until last week and I'm so anxious. I'll post some pics as soon as it comes in.
  • Well Jenny, You may want to be on top of your shipping info.  My shop just got a call from Casablanca saying that the dress did not ship, they are refunding the rush charge I paid and the dress won't get here til the first week of September because they are running behind on their dresses....My bridal shots are Sept 6th...I'm so mad.
  • oh no!!!! how far ago did you order it again? i hope it all works out for you! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you! that's so nerve-wracking!
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