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Engagement party Ettiquette

I am considering whether to do an engagement party, but am unsure of the proper way to go about it.  Is is something I plan?  Should it be a formal or nonformal thing?  Invite only close family and friends?  Do we pay for the meal? and so on...
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Re: Engagement party Ettiquette

  • erinnhahnerinnhahn member
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    My parents threw me an engagement party at their house and it was very informal, they grilled out for everyone and it was just close family and the people in the wedding party.  We had some cake also but other than that we just sat around and visited with each other.  I think it was good and relaxing.  It was a good ice breaker for our parents since they had not met each other yet so the informal and others around helped make that not so awkward.  My mom sent invitations out and a few people bought us gifts but we weren't expecting any. 
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    I think any one can throw one. If you hold it yourselves, of course, I would request no gifts. I think it can be as formal or informal as you prefer. If your wedding party doesn't really know each other well, it is a great time  for them to meet, if you have them selected. We didn't have one, but I think if we did, we would invite only close family and our closest friends. I wouldn't want to duplicate our reception by having everyone there. Make it what you want. Maybe decide what kind of wedding you want and start the tone at the engagement party. GL.
  • abja45abja45 member
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    We had about 40 people at ours.  My parents hosted the event at Raccoon River and did appetizers/drinks.  It was a great event for the wedding party, parents and a few others to meet and visit.  If people were still hungry they could stay for dinner (on their own).  Then a group of us went out downtown and had a great time!  If you are thinking about timing this is what we did- engaged in December, Engagement party in April, Wedding in April.
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    We didn't have one because so many folks came out with us the night we got engaged. I think anyone can host one and whoever does host should plan to pay for some food/drinks. Or if you are doing a family and close friends thing at someone's home you could always provide the main dish and do it potluck style. IF we had one, I would have had a small and informal one since our wedding was large and formal. JMO
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