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Okay so i have a biiiig family and they all are throwing me a bridal shower and said I need to register for gifts. What do I register for? We really don't need much. I've heard that its the same list as the wedding registery but ours is a honeymoon. and are there things i should not register for ex: lingerie? Any ideas ladies?
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Re: bridal shower questions

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    Yes, a shower registry and wedding registry are the same thing.  I'm confused by "but ours is a honeymoon."  Do you mean you're doing a honeymoon registry?  As far as the shower goes, could you upgrade some of the items you have?  What about decorations for your home (curtains, frames, art)?  And the lingerie... personally, I would not register for it.  Just my two cents.
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    I agree with pp.  Don't register for personal things.  I've seen registries before where the couple is asking for DVD's, razors, etc.  IMO, that is very tacky.  A game, or camping stuff that you and DH can do together?  Better.  :)DH and I upgraded a lot of our stuff - can you do this?  Depending on your bridal shower - some can be themed, and then they bring gifts that work in with that theme.  A friend of mine did a kitchen shower.  Just a thought?
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    Im also unclear about what you mean by "ours is a honeymoon"... But my thoughts on honeymoon registries is: They are fine as long as they are for the extras. Things like an upgrade in rooms, horseback riding, steak dinners, theatre tickets, etc. are generally well accepted. Things like airplane tickets and the room itself are a little more shaky. As to lingerie? Would you want your grandma seeing what you put on your registry? I wouldn't. Like some PPs said, you will be surprised by the number of things that you can use when it actually comes to looking. Some things maybe to think about: vases, frames, new bedding, high qualitypots and pans that will la, china, board games, camping equipment (even just a cooler can be handy), a camera (if you are travelers). I really wish I would have thought to register for a great photo album because when push came to shove, I bought cheaper ones. I disagree with the previous person though about registering for things like cameras and other expensive items. We reigstered for high-end items (camera, calphalon set, the mixer, china, etc). We got all of them except the $400 set of calphalon and we received enough cash for that. Furthermore my friends just registered for a PS3 for their weddings. DH and I went in on it with about 10 other people. They said it was their favorite gift in the end. They didn't expect people to buy it because it was so pricey. But they wanted to get the 10% off, so it was a great surprise for them.
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    Thank you alll sooo much!! That really cleared me up! Yeah we registered for a honeymoon but we also need some things around here. I can't wait! Thanks again!
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