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Thirsty Thursday

My Thursday seems to be DRAGGING! It's crazy. We did get 3 more RSVPs in the mail today - whoot! But that's about it. How's your day going?

Re: Thirsty Thursday

  • Yay for RSVP's!!! I got another batch of invites out today!! Other than that my shoulder hurts like a mother... I think I pulled a muscle or tendant at the gym last nite. :(
  • Oh that sucks about the shoulder, but YAY for the invites! Hope you feel better soon.

  • Today was very long for me, too.  Every day feels long though.  It's beginning to be wedding crunch time, and I don't have the energy to be excited about all of it.I'm actually going for a sleep study next week.  I sleep all night, every night and wake up feeling like I've been playing in traffic all night.  They can't find anything else wrong, so I should count myself lucky.  But I kind of hope they find something they can fix.  I can use some good sleep before this wedding!On the bright side, I found some really cool red vases for my centerpieces.  They don't tell you the shipping cost, so I asked for a quote and I'm hoping it doesn't kill me.https://www.directfloral.com/productdetails.asp?ProductID=453056409
  • Well I hope you start feeling better soon! Those vases are badass.

  • Me too. It was that or the clear bud vases that Dollar Tree always seems to have... except for right now- go figure.Time to curl up with a bowl of soup and some tv.  FI was supposed to be off tonight, but work called him yesterday to see if he would come in 3-8 tonight.  Except someone else called off and now he has to stay and close.  He needs to grow some balls and tell them hell no.
  • Yeah but it IS money, right?

  • Yes and no.  By the time he drives to the mall, gets a soda, maybe a sandwich, decides he needs to buy the new video game he's been trying to sell everyone else all day... you get the point.  Hopefully he'll be substitute teaching after school starts.  He had two interviews for long-term sub positions, but it's been two weeks and no news.
  • amblizman- Have you tried dollartree.com?? They have a lot more stuff online than they do in the store, and its free shipping if you ship it to the store. You might find those bud vases there, if you didn't already try. GL!!
  • Oh wow. Ok, I get ya :) He needs to stop his video game addiction :P And cm is right. Here's the link to the vases: http://www.dollartree.com/floral-decor/vases-bowls-containers/Lydia-Bud-Vases/202c203c203p301275/index.pro

  • Thanks for checking.  I did see those vases in the store.  They're a wee bit smaller than I had in mind, but the price is right.  I'm waiting to hear back from customer service about the red ones.  Regular checkout doesn't tell you the shipping cost until after you purchase, and I think that's idiotic.  If they can't tell me the shipping, I'll end up getting the clear ones.
  • Have you tried looking at thrift stores or garage sales?

  • That is lame!! I don't end up inquiring about the shipping cost cuz I figure they don't post them for reason... because they maybe super expensive. Hopefully they're not though!!
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