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Reviews pt. 1

I wanted to get these out before I forget things that happened so without further ado:

Palazzo: A+ we had a luxury suite room it was totally bad @ss!  I told the girl we were getting married and she upgraded us to a strip view.  The maid service was on it and we left the room a disaster some days.  Hubby had his suit dry-cleaned and it came back the next day waiting in the closet for him.

Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay: A++ this is where we went our first night in town.  Chad, the host is AMAZING!!!  We were interested in having the after party there and he showed us the private room, it's stunning!  And he let us party in another private area as an act of good faith.  (We wound up not wanting to cab it and stayed on property for our party.)  The drinks are strong, the view from the balcony is amazing, and it's great music

Hash House A Go Go at Imperial Palace: Food A+ Service D-.  this place was absolutely delicious!  I almost throat punch the host, seater, our server, and the manager.  If you get there before the rest of the group they'll "put you in the list" but won't seat you until your entire party is there.  Basically, You get the same as call ahead seating if you're incomplete.  I told the b!tch of a hostess we were finally all there and after waiting 30min she told me it would be another 30min.  When our turn finally came 2 people went to the bathroom and the seater told me she couldn' seat us until they came back and would have to give up our table.  That's when the manager gave me the "rules are rules" line.  Don't even think about asking for your food differently or anything on the side, and I quote our server, "the kitchen won't do that.  It hurts the integrity of the food."  This is now an ongoing joke with our friends.  The food did come out very quick.  As soon as our food was out we never saw our server again and had to bother another tables server.

Serendipity @ Caesar's Palace: A the only downer thing is that it was cold and drizzling and we had reserved the patio but couldn't sit there.  This pushed all the reservations that were outside inside and they weren't ready for the huge rush of people.  The bathrooms are outside and around the corner.  Usually not a big deal, but it was windy, cold, and rainy.  This became an issue.  The food was delicious and the drinks were super yummy.  The sangria is sweet and the raspberry martini's are really good.

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