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Hello...I have just started looking for locations and love the SD museum you chose.  Can you tell me about it?  Did you make an appt to see it.  If so, how far in advance was you appt.  Are they easy to work with.  Any info would help :)

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    Awe, I'm honored and I'm glad you like it, we fell in love with it when we went to visit! :) We set up an appointment with Tam (the coordinator for events at the Junipero Serra Museum) and she opened it up for us on a Saturday, showed us all around, explained the usual set up, and gave us some details about what she typically does. One thing we really liked was that she will block off certain areas of Presidio Park after the ceremony so that you can take beautiful pictures outside in the park without a bunch of people in the background. She has been really helpful and easy to work with so far. She will send you a ton of information about ceremonies and receptions there, if you contact her. We contacted her about 11 months before our potential wedding date using this website: Let me know if you have any more specific questions, I'd love to help answer them! Margaret
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    Thank you so much!  I emailed her and we are going to check it out on Saturday.  I'm really excited.  Thank you so much!! :)
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