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My fiance will not be having his parents at our wedding for various reasons. He has asked his father's brother and sister to step in and take their place. They are also going to be paying for portions of the wedding. How do you suggest we handle this situation? We feel like they should be included on invitations, but are unsure of the wording. We are also unsure of how to handle the "Mother Groom dance" since that will be done with his aunt (he wants this dance to still occur).

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    It is kind of hard to answer this question without first hearing more to the story. Did your FI get in a fight with his parents and therefore your aunt and uncle are stepping in to help with the wedding? Or have his aunt and uncle always been like this parents? you dont have to do everything the traditional way and have his aunt and uncle act like his mom and dad at the wedding. What do you mean by they will be paying for portions of the wedding? Will they be hosting or just paying for some of the things along the way (ie flowers, cake, ect)? On the invite, I would just skip any wording that indicates who is hosting the occasion... you can go on wedding invitations website and look at different wording. As far as the dance goes, you dont HAVE to have a mother/groom dance and since his mother won't be there then obviously you won't be having one. Does his Aunt want to have a special dance with your FI? If so, they can have a special dance together. I dont think it's really too much of a big deal.
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    Thanks for your reply. To answer your question his father has passed and his mother is not invited for legal reasons. His aunt and uncle will be assisting with money for the ceremony and hosting the rehearsal dinner. When it comes to the ceremony they will be paying for portions along with my family. My fiance has specifically said that he wants the mother/groom dance and to do it with his aunt. Our ceremony and reception will be very traditional. He wants it to be more traditional then I. This is his second marriage but the first with the bells and whistles, and those bells and whistles mean a lot to him.
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    As far as the invitation wording is concerned, put your names on and then put "together with their family..."  Hope that helps.
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    You might want the P&E gals to field this one.  You'll likely get a lot more responses and suggestions.GL!
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    I agree with StyleMadeSimple. That is the appropriate wording.
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