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How are you letting guests know where you are registered? I have the information on our website, but do I also need to include a little card with the invitation? I have heard that this is tacky, yet most wedding invitations I receive, have the registry information included. Just wondering... Thanks!

Re: Registry question and Invitations

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    I have heard that it is tacky too but every wedding invite I have ever gotten has had one.  I am from a small town though originally and as my mom says "its different in a small town...people like to know these things"  I still did not put it on my invites.  We have a wedding website and that website is listed on our invite and also on our business cards that are going in with info on how to RSVP and our website.  The registry is on our website.  If people want to know I'm sure they'll ask.  I let all of our wedding party and parents know too...word gets around!  :) 
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    I am planning on putting mine on my website along with other helpful information (ex. directions, hotel information, contact info) for our guests.  We will include a seperate card either with ours save the dates or with the invitation if we do not save the date that has the wedding website on it.  I have received a few invitations with registry information and some without, I know in Nebraska it is acceptable in some circles to include with the invitation.  I personally still know that ettiquete says this is tacky and I do not want to look gift grabby so I will not include this information.  I think its a decision that you have to look at those invited and determine how they will view it and what your preference is.
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    We will be having ours on our website. We have directions to our website (not for registry reasons) on our save the dates and our invites. We will not be including cards given by the registry places nor will we be including any kind of registry information in our invites or save the dates.Yes. It is tacky. It screams GIVE ME A  GIFT or also don't come unless you bring a gift. The bottom line is that you should care more about your guests coming than that they get you a gift from your registry/ a gift at all. Please keep in mind that if people ask you can tell them. This is a far more etiquette friendly way of doing things. I know people think its "different where they are from" but that is really an excuse. If you include registry information you are shoving in their faces that you want a present. Those invites that you have received go against etiquette and probably thought that its ok because of where they are from. This is honestly a lame excuse.
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    Ditto PPs.  I had it on the website and had no mention of registries in the invite.  All the guests that wanted to get us a gift figured it out.
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    A lot of our guests have just asked us since we didn't put it in with our invites. I think if you put the info on your website and give your guests the web address you will be fine. When I had my shower the registry info was in that, so that is another option for you:)
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    I think they are acceptable in bridal shower invites in most circles. But honestly I wouldn't put them in the invites. I asked both my mom and MIL what their thoughts where on it. I expected it would be my mil who had the problem with it, but I was surprised because it was my mom. Which just goes to show you don't know how your guests will react. I know I always think its a little tacky when I get an invite and it has that info in it. Website and word-of-mouth are the best way to inform people.
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    we put our website on our invitations and on our website it has our registry information... i think that is the best way to go! if people want to know the registry information, they will usually email you or ask someone.
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