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So we took my family (Mom, Dad, 2 sisters) to see the venue last night. Everyone really loved it but my mom was pretty quiet. She has always been super supportive but she seems different last night. Then in the car on the way home she was really pushing for everything being minimized and slimmed down. That no one really cares if its decorated perfectly and no one notices all the details....etc. So today i am kinda confused. We are paying for everything ourselves, so I don't know if its the financial stuff she is struggling with or something more.
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Re: Confusion

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    When I was reading your post I though of a possiable  financial issue. Though, you will be paying yourself maybe she does not want to see you in debt. My FI family keeps offering to help b/c they do not want us to be in debt. If you are concerned I would talk to her and ask if there is something she is concerned with or if she would just like to talk. If your mom is supportive she may want to share her feelings.
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    I understand what you mean...My FMIL never has any issues with our relationship, until we told her we were getting married. So she doesn't really get interested in any of the details because she doesn't understand why we're getting married. We were out to lunch with her yesterday and wife to be said something about the budget being blah blah blah, and she was like, oh I would never spend that much! Our budget isn't even that big, nothing like what "typical" brides spend. And she's not paying for anything. She doesn't think we should do anything because we shouldn't want to put it in people's faces!! Grr!!I don't know what your mom's issue is, that's just my situation! :)Nicole
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