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Right now, I have 6 couples (bridesmaids/groomsmen) and one koumbaro. Since the "best man" is not Greek Orthodox (cannot be the koumbaro), we are pairing up my maid of honor with the best man. This leaves the Koumbaro, who is un-married, alone. Is it okay that he leaves the church unescorted? What about entering the reception? He will not have a date? Do I have the maid of honor walk with the "best man" and the koumbaro when leaving the church and entering the reception hall? Or should I ask another girl to be a bridesmaid so there are 7 couples total? ANOTHER a Greek wedding, can you have 2 maids of honor?

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    You can either have the BM, MOH and Koumbaro together or have the Koumbaro alone. We only had a Koumbaro and no other bridal party other than the flower girls and my little brother as the para-gambraki. We got married in Greece, so there is no processional and recessional. The koumbaro will wait by the altar with the groom and on the way out (recessional) he can again either walk alone or with the MOH and BM. For the reception we had our koumbaro walk with his fiance. But we considered having him walk in alone. You have a pretty large bridal party as it is. Don't add someone else....just pair him with another couple and make it 3. For the processional they usually have the guys walk in alone from the side and stand up front...the girls walk down the aisle alone and then in the end after the ceremony they pair (trio) up. In a Greek wedding you don't have MOH's period...just koubares. Are you saying can you have 2 koubares? If you are asking can you have to MOH's....I say sure why not! Where are you getting married?
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    I see you are in Chicago...check out this video recap my videographer just did in your neck of the woods. He is here in South Florida...but travels all over. he is in LA now, was in Chicago last weekend, I flew him to Greece...he has been to Canada, NYC, Atlanta, St. Lucia etc. etc. he is AMAZING! (our wedding will be blogged next)
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    i have 8 couple in my wedding (all greek) 1 MOH and 1 BM. i also only have 1 Koumbaro i also didnt know how im going to do this either because other weddings ive seen either the koumbaro and his wife walked in together, the men were already at the alter, or he was sitting in the first pew and when it came for him to do his "job" he got up and then sat back down. im going to talk to my priest about this cause im not sure either. and i Do Not want to add another person just to walk him down the aisle. i might jsut ahve him already in the front with the groom

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