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Anyone looking for centerpieces??

Hi! I am a July 08 knottie and finally cleaning out my "wedding closet" I have 14 really unique and contemporary centerpieces. They are made with various large vases - like the giant martini glass and wine glasses you can purchase at Hobby Lobby. Then a local artist attached wire and sea glass to them for us. We had a large pillar candle in each vase sorrounded by sand and more sea glass. I am including ALL the pieces to complete the centerpieces. The candles look barely burned, still very tall. The sea glass is various shades of pink, clear and frosted clear. We paid a total of $45 per centerpiece, but I really want them gone so am selling them for $150. Even if you remove the wire and re-use them in your own way it is still way cheaper than buying 14 of the vases from Hobby Lobby. I don't know how to post a pic but would be more than happy to email pics to anyone interested! just send me an email, [email protected] Thanks and Happy Wedding Planning!!

Re: Anyone looking for centerpieces??

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