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Mother Son song needed! Getting married in 6 weeks!

My fiancee cannot think of a good song to dance to with his mom..and he's a musician!  lol  any suggestions???? nothing typical or cheesy....thanks!!!!!!!!1  ;-)

Re: Mother Son song needed! Getting married in 6 weeks!

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    my fiance is dancing with his mom to "These are the days" by Queen
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    Fi is using simple man by lynard skynard. It's a great song about a mother talking to her son!
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    Well, not sure how cheesy these might be but the 2 my fiance is going back & forth with are Baby Mine by Alison Krauss & Song for Mama by Boyz 2 Men. I like Baby Mine better but he thinks she'll be crying too much with that song. Its the song from Dumbo when the mama elephant is rocking Dumbo in her trunk while she's locked up. Her trunk goes through the bars. Its a very touching/sad song for me personally but I think it would be perfect for a mother son dance
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    FI and his mom are dancing to My Wish by Rascal Flatts. His mom is surprising him, he doesn't know. Simple song. HTH!
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