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Joe Elario Photography???

Hi everyone...I was just wondering if anyone knows how much on average Joe Elario charges for engagement and/or wedding photos.  I love his photos on his website, but the website doesn't list any price range.Thanks for your help :  )

Re: Joe Elario Photography???

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    We loved his photos too but it was just a little too much for our budget (starting at $5500).  We're excited to work with Matt Ramos though.  Have you checked out his blog?
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    We looked at him last summer and his packages were around 6000 for weddings and 500 for engagements photos. We went with an out of town photographer but I'd contact him soon as he was booked over a year in advance when we looked.
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    I contacted Joe Elario shortly after we were engaged as we had been stalking his blog and Matt Ramo's blog for quite some time. Back then (May 2008ish) It was 5000 for shooting only. WHen I told him on the phone that we were only interested in enagement p0hotos and wedding photography without albums he seemed to lose interest and that discouraged us. We could not be happier with our choice of Matt Ramos Photography. He and assistant Jamaica/Jon shot our Sunday wedding and I could not be happier :)
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    Thanks so much for your replies.I'm not engaged (yet!) but hopefully very soon, so I've just been looking online and found his name on the Hall of Springs website.  Since I'm not engaged yet, I'm not exactly sure what my price range will be, but it seems like he would be at the top end of it.  I did look at the Matt Ramos website, and he takes great pictures too, thanks for the suggestion.Alinaandjared:  did you make your own wedding album?Thanks again,Nic
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    I love love love the Elarios!  They are shooting our wedding in March 2010- the price is 5500 for the shooting + an album.  We shot our engagement photos with them and it was 300, plus 200 for a book.  They are pricey but definitely worth it!
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    Nic- its only been 2 days since we got married haha, so no albums yet!
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    Kaydi:  I LOVE your picturesAlina:  ooops, sorry...I realized after I posted a reply that you got married 2 days ago!!!  Congratulations!
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    Hey Nic...check out Images by Moak as well. They do great work and the price is really great for what you get. They have a new website so also check out their "older blog".
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