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What dishes?

Anybody register for this brand of dishes?
What colors?

Anybody already have Fiestaware and like or dislike it??

Fiance and I are behind on the registering because I just can't make up my mind. I know what I want, but I'm afraid it will look ridiculous! I love the lime green and purple fiestaware. But every time I mention it, people (mom and fiance) tell me that that might not be a great decision because it won't go with everything.

Any advice?

Re: What dishes?

  • I love my Fiestaware.  I have it in 6 colors (2 of each: Scarlet, Tangerine, Sunflower, Shamrock, Peacock, Cobalt).  I love to mix and match the colors.  For Easter dinner we used the sunflower, shamrock, peacock, and cobalt with a blue floral runner and white napkins - it was vey pretty.  Around Christmas we used the Scarlet and Shamrock more. 

    If theya re super concerned about the crazy colors, could you compromise and register for 4 lime, 4 purple, and 4 ivory/brown/black/white?  That way you would have a neutral in the mix. 
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  • Hmm, I'm a fan of "less is more" and that is also my decorating style.  Our casual dinnerware is "Everyday White Rim" from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Super-easy to add color for special events in table linens, decor, napkin rings, candles, and centerpieces.  And it's very cost-friendly.  

    I have family with colored dishes -- and if that's your style, GO for it!!!  It looks fabulous, and it's totally apparent that it is your style.  And for a bit of a minimal traditionalist like me, colored dishes at someone else's home is NOT a problem at all.  Mix and Match, and like PP suggested, mix your colors around to have more of one color than the other for different types of celebrations!  :-)
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  • I have Fiestaware and love it! My colors are white, scarlet, and turquiose (sp?).  I bought a couple plates in the shamrock color and used them with red and white for Christmas breakfast with FI's family.  The mixing and matching of colors adds a nice touch for entertaining.  As far as registering for them you can get them at Macy's and Kohl's.  I'm sure there are other stores, but I can't think of them right now.  I agree with PP, you might want to add another color or two into the mix.  Or go with mostly white and have a few pieces of lime and purple. 

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  • I love my fiestaware! We have tangerine, sunflower, and lemongrass and they look great together (very citrus-y). You can go with one main color with accents of another for your serving dishes/platter, salt and papper shaker, etc. too.

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  • We registered for FiestaWare in 8 different colors.  My aunt bought them as soon as we registered and I cannot wait to use them!
  • Oh, we also registered for fina china in the Lenox solitaire pattern for more formal occasions.
  • I absolutely love Fiestaware. And I adore the green and purple together. That being said. I prefer white dishes for everyday stuff. They will match everything, I don't have to worry about colors clashing. I may get some fun colored platters and vases though, to spice up my kitchen! ;)
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  • Get what you love!

    If you are concerned about coordinating year-round than there are several great options mentioned above.  If it's other people that are concerned just smile and say "thanks for your advice."  Then ignore it happily! 

    This is in no way a life-long commitment anyway.  You could add white, or some other neutral color later on if you decided to.  You may stumble upon a great deat at TJMaxx one day, or a sale at Dillards.  I have a friend who has been expanding her Fiestaware collection for over 10 years, and still loves it EVERY. DAY. OF. THE. YEAR!   She has options for any possible color scheme, season, holiday, shower, etc... and chooses to set her table every day based on her mood.  :)
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