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When did you open gifts you received early?

I Googled this, but wanted to see what you guys thought...we've received some wedding gifts early. The ones we've gotten so far, we've opened and written the thank you notes. One was cookware, which we've also started using. <oops> We weren't sure, so I looked it up, and what I've read says you can open the gifts but not use them until after the wedding.

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Re: When did you open gifts you received early?

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    I voted when they arrived, but didn't use them til after.

    BUT...we totally started using our calphalon-perfectly-sized frying pan. love it! (and if for some crazy reason the wedding gets called off? I will gladly keep it and buy the giver a replacement to return!)
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    We opened them when they arrived, and immediately sent thank-you notes.

    We held of on using almost everything until we were married.  There were a few exceptions, due to necessity (DH was moving into a new apartment, and some of the items were sorely needed, but nothing expensive or that we couldn't have afforded to replace if we needed to return the item to the giver).
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    We have used a few things, but most of it is still boxed up at FMIL's house.  We sent thank you notes for gifts we received at a shower.  I'm waiting on our super awesome themed thank-yous to send out the rest.  =)



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    I was all about opening them, sending thank-yous and not using them, but my now-H would not hear a word of it. It didn't matter how many internet articles, Knot threads, etc. he saw, the man was adamant that, like Christmas, you could not open presents early.  Thankfully, there were only 1 or 2 that arrived very early and were not from people we see frequently (to tell them that the gift arrived, etc.).
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    I opened them and sent TY's right away. Then we set them aside. The more TY's you get out of the way before the HM, the better.
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    [QUOTE]I opened them and sent TY's right away. Then we set them aside. <strong>The more TY's you get out of the way before the HM, the better.</strong>
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    I have been opening gifts as they arrive and sending thank you notes. All shower and wedding gifts are being stored at my parents house. Fortunately for us, we are living with FI's parents while our house is being built, so we're not even tempted to use anything yet
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