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Would you do it again?

Re: Would you do it again?

  • I would choose not to be sick and the wedding cake not to have been such a joke!
  • I would of edited the guest list extremely and stood up to my parents on who was invited.
  • I would do it all the same. Really.
  • I would do it mostly all the same except for my flowers. I would have gone with another florist because my bouquet was way too small. Also, I would have gone with a different photographer. There was a woman II grew up with that has a photography buisness and we liked her work a lot but she lives 6 hours away and we were worried about her being able to get down here the day of the wedding if it snowed. And it did snow a little so maybe it's better that we didn't go with her, but I'm not thrilled with the way our photos turned out and I know hers would have been a lot better.  
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  • If I could do all it again I would hire a caterer and a dj and consider a different date. We brought in our own food and my family help out a TON which I very much appreciate. But, I didn't realize until afterwards how much of a pain in the behind it was and how they didn't really get to enjoy themselves. As for the DJ, my uncle offered his services for free as a wedding gift. But, I wish we would have hired someone else. He was alright, but not fabulous. which surprised me because usually, he does wonderful weddings. And the different date: I was sick of people telling me that if snowed, they weren't coming etc. etc. It wasn't worth the stress and the worry. But, I was going off of hubby's tentative national guard schedule and by the time all that went down, we had put too much money down on a Jan. date. So we kept it. Plus my sister graduates this year, so I didn't want to overshadow her graduation and open house and overload my parents. And then hubby's brother is getting married in Oct. of this year. Not a lot of space to work with. = )

    But given those three things: heck yes I would do it again. It was a lot of fun wedding planning actually and I wish I would have enjoyed the day more. As many, many, many told me before "it goes by way too fast!"

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