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Hola I need help

My wedding is in two months and the lady that was suppost to do my linens has not been answering my calls to meet up and talk about the colors and material so I am thinking of just telling her to give me my $$$ back, I gave her 300.00 deposit and I am now having to look for some one else, any one in s.a texas have any Idea who ???

Re: Hola I need help

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    Your venue does not supply linens?  What about to rent them.  I think it would be cheaper, you can google and find some website with a low price.Did you asked on your local board?  Maybe somebody will know.Sorry, yo soy de NJ y no te puedo ayudar localmente.
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    Are you leaving her voice messages? Did you signed a contract? If you did leave her a message and give her a time line, she better respond to you ya sea por email or calling... If not you can take it to another step, let her know clearly that you'll be talking "to a lawyer" (Just to scare her a little... you know, it doesnt mean you have to do it) I live in Louisiana, but I dont have any idea of who can do it? Have you searched online? I am pretty sure you can get it online or buy it cheaper.
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    there is a web site you can try linenhero.com   hope that helps
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    You can buy them off efavormart, they have good prices. http://www.efavormart.com/
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